Renal Services

Expert Patient Care

Chronic (long term) Dialysis in Pindara Private Hospital
Acute (sudden) kidney failure
Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
Blood or protein in the urine
Kidneys affected by high blood pressure
Lupus affecting kidneys
Interstitial nephritis
Polycystic kidneys
Recurrent kidney stones
Recurrent urinary tract infections
Renal artery stenosis
Electrolyte (blood chemical) imbalance
Low blood count (anaemia) from kidney disease
Transplant workup and referral
Peritoneal dialysis
Home haemodialysis referral

Dialysis Amenities

For your comfort

Flexible patient hours
Complimentary hot meals as well as tea and coffee
Ability to have family and friends visit during dialysis
Radiology department within the hospital
Pharmacy services available within the hospital
Medication delivered to you

Quality patient outcomes are of the utmost importance to our practice.